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HTML5 | JScript | CSS3

New standard for HTML. Design to reduce adition plugin requirement to deliver everything on online. It will be helpfull to build animation,apps,movies,musics,web-desktop applications. Also cross-platform (For tablet or a smartphone, a netbook, notebook ). New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript. HTML5 should be device-independent. All major browsers (Internet Explorer,Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) suports.



ASP.NET is a server-side Web application framework designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages.ASP.NET is a free web framework for building web sites, apps and services with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.You can also create Web APIs, mobile sites, use real-time technologies like Web Sockets and more!


Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications.

WPF(Windows Presentaion Foundation)

WPF is a graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications by Microsoft.WPF introduces a new language known as eXtensible Application Markup Language(XAML), which is based on XML. XAML is designed as a more efficient method of developing application user interfaces.


One of the most widely used programming languages in now days just beacause of it is open-source. Used to create all types of dynamic web interfaces. Server-side scripting language designed for web development. Its code cannot view the because its executing on the server. Its strength is its communication with all kind of different databases. PHP can talk across networks using IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, or HTTP.

ADOBE Flash | Flex

Adobe Flash/Flex are adobes technology used for multimedia.Providing interface between all devices, such as PC's,mobile's,tablets and other electronic devices.Provides feasibilty for authoring of animation,games development,rich internet application (RIA's).Used frequetly for fast streaming of audio and video. Widely use in advertisement. Flash tool named Flash player used for interfacing, player compiles swf file which is output file of flash/flex projects. Basically its single code use technology. Run on multiple platform like desktops,web and on obile devices. Adobe air technology use to run flash base application onto desktops and mobile devices. Provide cross platform application that run on all mobile devices OS like (IOS,Android,Blackberry) etc.


Java is a set of several computer software products and specifications from Sun Microsystems, that together provide a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment. Java is used in a wide variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones on the low end, to enterprise servers and supercomputers on the high end. While less common, Java applets are sometimes used to provide improved and secure functions while browsing the World Wide Web on desktop computers.



Its open source which is based on the Linux kernel. Released by Google under the apache licence. Introduce for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet phones. The open-source code and permissive licensing allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers. It require a ready-made, low-cost, customizable and lightweight operating system for high tech devices. A large community of developers and enthusiasts to use the open-source code as a foundation for community-driven projects, which add new features for advanced users.


iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. iOS kernel is based on Darwin OS.

Windows Phone

Windows phone operating system developed by Microsoft.